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Sheryl Crow

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Sheryl Suzanne Crow (born February 11, 1962) is an American country, blues rock singer, guitarist, bassist, pianist and songwriter. Her music blends country, pop, folk, and blues rock into one mainstream sound, and she has won nine Grammy Awards. Crow is also a noted political activist.[citation needed]

She performs with the Rolling Stones, and has sung duets with Mick Jagger.[1] Crow's recordings have appeared on the soundtracks to Cars, Point Break, The X-Files, Big Daddy, Crossroads, Home of the Brave, Kalifornia, Elizabethtown, and Stone Cold.

After graduating college, Crow worked as a music teacher at the Garlin Kellison elementary school in Fenton, Missouri.[3] Teaching during the day allowed her the opportunity to sing in bands on weekends. Later, she was introduced to local musician and producer Jay Oliver. He had a thriving studio in the basement of his parents' home in St. Louis and helped her by using her in advertising jingles. Her first jingle was a back-to-school spot for the St. Louis department store Famous-Barr. McDonald's and Toyota commercial jingles soon followed. She was quoted in a 60 Minutes segment as saying she made $40,000 on her McDonald's commercial alone.[4]

She toured with Michael Jackson during the BAD world tour from 1987-1989 and sang with him during the performance of "I Just Can't Stop Loving You."[5][6]

In 1992, Crow recorded her first attempt at her debut album with Phil Collins' producer, Hugh Padgham. The self-titled debut album was slated to be released on September 22, 1992, but was ultimately rejected by her label. However, a handful of cassette copies of the album were leaked along with press folders to be used for album publicity. This album has been widely dispersed via file sharing networks and fan trading over the years.

Sheryl then began dating Kevin Gilbert and joined him in an ad hoc group of musicians known to everyone in the group as the Tuesday night music club (hence the name of Sheryl's first album), who came together on Tuesdays to work on the album. Group members, Gilbert, David Baerwald and David Ricketts (both formerly of David & David), Bill Bottrell, Brian MacLeod and Dan Schwartz[7] share songwriting credits with Crow on her debut album.[5]

The group existed as a casual songwriting collective prior to its association with Crow, but rapidly developed into a vehicle for her debut album after her arrival. Her relationship with Gilbert became acrimonious soon after the album was released, and disputes arose about songwriting credits. In later interviews, Crow claimed to have written all of the songs, but both Gilbert and Baerwald castigated Crow publicly, although Baerwald would later soften his position. A similar tension would arise with TNMC member Bill Bottrell after her second album, over which he collaborated, at least in the early stages.[5]

Tuesday Night Music Club went on to sell more than 7 million copies in the US and UK during the 1990s. The album also won Crow three Grammy Awards in 1995: Record of the Year, Best New Artist and Best Female Vocal Performance.[5]