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Jerry Springer

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Gerald Norman "Jerry" Springer (born February 13, 1944) is a British-born American celebrity; a former Democratic mayor of Cincinnati, Ohio; musician; television personality; and host of the controversial television tabloid talk show bearing his name, The Jerry Springer Show, since its debut in 1991. He is also the current host of America's Got Talent.

The Jerry Springer Show debuted on 20 September 1991. It was developed by WLWT-TV to replace its Phil Donahue Show. It started as a politically oriented talk show, a longer version of Springer's commentaries. Guests included Oliver North and Jesse Jackson, and topics included homelessness and gun politics.

In the spring of 1994, Springer and his new producer Richard Dominick revamped the format of the show in order to garner higher ratings. The show became more and more successful as it became more and more lowbrow, with an emphasis on infidelity. Its guests are typically lower class, minimally-educated, blue collar people confronted on a television stage with a spouse or family member's adultery, homosexuality, prostitution, transvestism, hate group membership, or other controversial situations. These confrontations often lead to profane shouting, chair-throwing, fist-fights, and removal of clothing. Female guests also receive 'Jerry Beads' (basically just another name for a set of beads) when exposing their breasts to the crowd . The show picked up and garnered huge ratings and lots of attention. By 1998, it was even beating Oprah Winfrey in many cities, and was reaching more than 6.7 million viewers. (Waxman, 1998)

On 10 July 2002, the sons of guest Nancy Campbell-Panitz, who was murdered by her ex-husband after they appeared on a May 2000 episode with his girlfriend, filed suit in Sarasota County against Springer, his producers and his distributor, claiming he created "a mood that led to murder." [7]

In 2005, a UK version was shown on ITV1 entitled The Springer Show. It beat its talkshow rival Trisha Goddard five to one in the ratings, despite being a subdued version of the US show.[8]

The VH-1 "celebreality" series The Springer Hustle, taking a look at how The Jerry Springer Show is produced, premiered in April 2007. [9]